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Right Thoughts, Right Words

...Wrong Action?

9 March
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Hello there, my name is Sandra Garcia but I would like you to call me either Kao Arika or Kao. I was born on a day of March 1991 in the northeast of Mexico.

Up until today, I'm a student in the area of Graphic Design, so in the future I hope at least go for the 'Illustrator' part of the career.

I like to write and draw. Just as a warning, I write more in Spanish since it's my native tongue and I find VERY hard to find some words in English. Let alone, try to translate my writings to it cause me to lose a LOT of time trying to not losing the meaning of an entire phrase. HOWEVER, this journal/blog is English and Spanish friendly Don't doubt to send me a note or something if you want to ask me something.

Ah, just saying, more personal posts are Friends-Only, just if you are wondering, and want to drop me a line or a cheer-up, then you are welcome in befriend me :). I write a lot and often I do discharge somefeelings around certain topics that I prefer to share here to previal the 'journal' them of this blog.

I like to listen to music (who doesn't, really?) because it inspires me to write and often it's like a whole inspiration in drawing too. i'm mostly for all in the j-music and as well some into the rock, pop and alternative stuff.

I enjoy pretty much reading manga, and books, though, I like to enjoy short stories of drama, romance... as pretty much as well, comic books and graphic novels (the last two ones, introduced to me by my dad when I was a child xD).

I'm a very detailed dreamer, so sorry if I suddenly sound up so delussional.

BTW, I have also a fanfiction.net account (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/672414/) if you want to read my (Spanish) fanfiction, although I do want to post some stuff around here too.